Arkansas E-Liquid - Tiger's Blood

Arkansas E-Liquid - Tiger's BloodArkansas E-Liquid's Tiger's Blood is a blend of strawberry and coconut flavoring designed to taste like the popular snow cone. According to Alex de Brantes, "Tiger's Blood has been around in the south for over 25 years. Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, and North Carolina have been slurping down this shaved ice or snow cone, when the sun comes out and decides to never leave during the hot summer months."

Upon opening a bottle of Tiger's Blood, the aroma of coconut is most apparent. It's not an overwhelming smell, it's just the most apparent. Once inhaled, Tiger's Blood produces large clouds of rich and flavorful vapor in which the strawberry and coconut flavorings come together in perfect harmony.  Neither flavor over powers the other.

I'm not from the South, so I never had the pleasure of enjoying a Tiger's Blood shaved ice or snow cone. I can't tell you how close Arkansas E-Liquid comes to replicating the flavor or not. What I can tell you is that Arkansas E-Liquid's Tiger's Blood is a delicious treat.  The combination of strawberry and coconut is an absolute delight.

Arkansas E-Liquid's Tiger's Blood is the winner of a SpinFuel Choice award. The secret to its success seems to lie in the amount of coconut flavoring used in combination with the strawberry flavoring. As Alex de Brantes, the creator of this fine e-liquid, explains, "Coconut can overpower any eLiquid and in the same breath if you use to little, it’s hard to notice it is even there. Striking the right balance took time and effort and we nailed it."

Totally Wicked - Totally Herbal: Basil & Vanilla

Totally Wicked E-LiquidBad timing on my part.  I have a bottle of Totally Wicked's Totally Herbal Basil & Vanilla e-liquid which I have been planning to review. I've been vaping it on or off for the past week.  It's a nice vanilla flavor coupled with hints of sweet basil. It's rather nice.

Totally Wicked developed a complete line of herbal flavors made with 100% natural and organic ingredients. The entire line, which they called "Totally Herbal," is nicotine free. According to their website, Totally Wicked developed this line to be the first line of zero nicotine e-liquids on the market.

I tried several flavors in this line at VCC in Tampa several months ago.  I really liked Basil & Vanilla, so I bought a bottle to take home with me. It seems that I waited too long to review it as the entire line is now on clearance as it has been discontinued. Once the current stock is gone, well, its gone.

Totally Wicked described Basil & Vanilla as "Basil melded with vanilla pods to create a taste sensation that is perfectly balanced between sweet vanilla and fragranced basil. The smooth dense vapour is fragrant without being overpowering and the vanilla adds warmth and sweetness in just the right amounts to deliver a satisfying, relaxing vape."

Basil & Vanilla is a mild vanilla that is somewhat sweet with hints of basil. It's not a bold flavor, but simply a nice flavor. I have to wonder, was creating a zero nic line a mistake? Vanilla coupled with basil is actually quite nice.

Thunderhead Vapor - Indigo Dream

Thunderhead Vapor - Indigo Dream - Raspberry FrostberryI have about a dozen different bottles of juice on my desk that are up for review. I vape this one and that one, and than another.  Of the bunch, there is one that really stands out and that is Indigo Dream by Thunderhead Vapor. While not the boldest of the bunch, it's close. What sets it apart from the others however is the flavor. Thunderhead Vapor's Indigo Dream is an icy raspberry and it is quite nice.

Looking at the product page, I see that this refreshing e-liquid is referred to as Indigo Dream while the label on the bottle says Raspberry Frostberry. I think it may be old name vs new name, but that they are one in the same. In any case, according to Thunderhead Vapor, "It’s made of a tasty blue raspberry mixed with just the right amount of Koolada in order to provide a fantastic, icy feeling to your vape."

Icy and fruity, it's a great combination. While I can't vape Indigo Dream all day, I can easily rotate it with an all day vape in order to break up the monotony. What I like about it is that it seems to be as icy as it is fruity. Upon inhaling, both the raspberry and koolada are equally apparent.

Koolada is often mistaken as mint or menthol. Koolada is actually an ingredient used to give a liquid a "cold" feeling in the back of the mouth. It's not really a flavor, but rather a sensation. Combined with raspberry, it is quite a nice sensation.

Thunderhead Vapor's Indigo Dream is a perfect summertime vape.  It's cool and refreshing and leaves your mouth with a clean aftertaste. In addition, it produces lots of tasty vapor.

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Vaperz Beetle Juice - Jitter Juice

Vaperz Beetle Juice - Jitter JuiceJitter Juice is one of three flavors made by Vaperz Beetle Juice. It is a nice blend of strawberry and blueberry flavorings. Jitter Juice produces a healthy amount of flavorful vapor that tastes like a mix of blueberry and strawberry flavorings.

Jitter Juice is sweet, yet not too sweet. It seems that the sweetness of the blueberry tones down the tartness of the strawberry. Although Jitter Juice is not a very complex e-liquid, it is a delight to vape.

I'm not really sure why Vaperz Beetle Juice decided to call this fruit flavored liquid "Jitter Juice" as this is a term usually used to describe coffee as the caffeine gives some people the "jitters." Looking further into it, I found that the term "jitter juice" is also the name of a beverage made by mixing green Hawaiian Punch with Sprite. Upon looking deeper into it, I found that "jitter juice" can be made with just about any flavor juice along with Sprite, 7-Up, or Sierra Mist.

Does Vaperz Beetle Juice contain a hint of Sprite or something similar? It's hard to tell.  The product description reads, "Strawberry Fruity combination!" I get blueberry and strawberry, but there may be more to this juice. In any case, Jitter Juice is a tasty treat and sure to please those looking for a decent fruit flavor e-liquid.

Just for the record, I came across a sample bottle of Jitter Juice at a vape meet sponsored by Howling Moon Vapor. I brought a bottle home with me to review. Next time I visit Howling Moon, I'll see what else I can find out about Vaperz Beetle Juice.

Dark City Vapor - Subjective

Dark City Vapor - Subjective (RY4)Dark City Vapor's Subjective is a smooth and creamy RY4 flavor e-liquid. This one is is light on the tobacco with the caramel and nutty tones in the forefront. Dark City Vapor describes Subjective by saying,  "Here is a nice Nutty Ry4 tobacco vape just remember taste is subjective !" This gives me the impression that different people have different impressions when vaping it, hence the name "Subjective."

RY4 is an abbreviation for Ruyan #4 which is a popular e-liquid made with a tobacco base, caramel and vanilla. In order to be considered an "RY4," a juice has to have these three key ingredients. There are plenty of RY4 e-liquids on the market. What makes one different from another is the specific tobacco, vanilla and caramel flavorings used in the blend. Some even go as far as adding additional ingredients.

Dark City Vapor's Subjective is slightly sweet and fairly well balanced. Although it is creamy and nutty,  no one ingredient overwhelms the others.  Although it seems to be made with a mild tobacco base, the tobacco flavor doesn't escape notice. Subjective can easily be classified as a light tobacco flavor. It is light enough that people who don't really care for tobacco flavors may still enjoy it, yet strong enough that those who do will also enjoy it.

I find that Subjective is best enjoyed on a variable voltage device. Depending upon the settings, it seems you either get more tobacco and less vanilla and caramel or vice versa. It surely lives up to its name in this regard. No matter where you set the voltage or wattage, Subjective is definitely all day vape material.