Great Vapes - Caramel Machiato

Great Vapes - Caramel MachiatoGreat Vape's Caramel Machiato E-Liquid is available in both their "Natural and Organic" line and their "All Organic" line of e-liquids. The major difference between these two lines is the PG. The Natural and Organic line contains PG while the All Organic line doesn't. The bottle we are reviewing is from the "Natural and Organic" line.

Caramel Machiato is a popular coffee flavor beverage made with fresh steamed milk, vanilla-flavored syrup, espresso and caramel sauce. Unlike most coffee flavor beverages, the espresso is added to the milk rather than the milk being added to the espresso. So here we have a beverage where the emphasis is on the milk rather than on the espresso.

Great Vape's e-liquid version of this delicious beverage is very light and mild. What tastes somewhat like Bavarian cream and marshmallow, combined with hints of coffee and caramel flavoring, makes this an ideal morning coffee or after dinner treat. Like the beverage, the emphasis is on the milk or cream with the coffee and caramel flavoring adding additional, though very subtle, layers of flavoring.

Great Vape's Caramel Machiato produces quite a bit of vapor and is mild enough to be an all day vape. This is not a bold flavor but rather a very subtle flavor. If you are looking for a light coffee flavored vape, this is a good juice to try. It has a lot less calories than the Starbuck's version so you can enjoy it all day long if you like.

Rise Liquid Vapor - Crunchy Captain

Rise Liquid Vapor's Crunchy Captain tastes a lot like the famous breakfast cereal with a similar name. Cap'n Crunch cereal was introduced to the world in 1963.  It was developed to taste like brown sugar and butter over rice and is made with sweetened corn and oats. Over time, a number of different varieties of Capt Crunch cereal made their way to the market.  Rise Liquid Vapor's Crunchy Captain is formulated to taste like the original flavor.

Rise Liquid Vapor - Crunchy CaptainLike all of Rise Liquid Vapor's products, Crunchy Captain is a premium VG-based e-liquid designed to produce large puffy clouds of vapor. In addition. like all of Rise Liquid Vapor's e-liquids, Crunchy Captain does not contain any nicotine.  This juice was made for dripping and cloud chasing.

Although Crunchy Captain tastes like the popular breakfast cereal, it is not a bold flavor due to its pure VG base. It is not as sweet as the breakfast cereal, but has that same "brown sugar and butter over rice" flavor. In addition, it seems that there may be a hint of vanilla and possibly almond flavoring. It's hard to tell as it is a rather mild flavor.

Crunchy Captain performs exactly like you would expect a VG based e-liquid to perform. It produces large clouds of vapor. If you enjoy exhaling huge clouds of vapor and have a taste for Captain Crunch breakfast cereal, this juice is definitely for you.

Eshish E-Liquids - Chocolate & Mint

Eshish E-Liquid's Chocolate & Mint e-liquid is a fine blend of dark chocolate and peppermint cream. Like all of Eshish's e-liquids, Chocolate & Mint is 80/20 PG/VG as it is designed to deliver maximum flavor. Although it is not a max VG blend, Chocolate & Mint produces plenty of flavorful vapor along with a nice throat hit.

Eshish E-Liquids - Chocolate and Mint
Chocolate & Mint is more chocolate than mint and is sure to please anyone with a taste for chocolate flavored e-juice. I received a bottle from Vape Club in the UK. Their product description reads, "Fulfill your sweet cravings without feeling guilty with our chocolate & mint e-juice. The creamy yet rich taste from the chocolate aroma will soothe your senses whilst the fresh and exhilarating peppermint will leave you feeling awake and ready to start the day."

Personally, I have come to think of Chocolate & Mint as the perfect after dinner vape.  It is rich and creamy like a good gourmet after dinner chocolate mint treat should be.  Although it is sweet, it is not very sweet. While many chocolate mint e-liquids taste like Peppermint Patties, Jr. Mints or Mint Girl Scout cookies, Eshish's Chocolate & Mint is not as bold or sweet as any of these. It's somewhat of a more subtle and refined flavor.

If you enjoy a good dark chocolate with a hint of mint, Eshish Chocolate & Mint e-juice is very likely to please you.

Thunderhead Vapor - Atlas

Thunderhead Vapor - Cloud Chaser - Atlas dripping e-liquid
Thunderhead Vapor has a relatively new line of e-liquids that were designed for dripping. This line is known as their "Cloud Chaser" line and consists of eleven different flavors to date. All eleven flavors are premium e-liquids that come in glass bottles with a dropper. They are all 80/20 VG/PG and are only available in zero, 3 mg and 6 mg nicotine levels.

Atlas is a delicious blend of crisp red apple and honeysuckle.  Neither apple nor honeysuckle are bold flavors.  When blended together, these two mildly delicious flavors combine to make one smooth and delicious flavor that is slightly sweet and very pleasant to vape.

Although Atlas, like most e-liquids that are high VG and low PG, doesn't produce much in the way of a throat hit, it delivers huge clouds of vapor as promised. I've been carrying a bottle around town and letting everyone who is set up to drip give Atlas a try.  The consensus is that it tastes pretty good. I have yet to meet anyone who didn't like it.

I find that red apple and honeysuckle complement each other very well.  Atlas is delicate yet flavorful enough to be an all day vape. It really smells delicious when you open the bottle and is quite tasty once you begin to inhale.

Although I like to drip, I am not a cloud chaser.  Based on the amount of vapor I am getting with a simple duel coil 1 ohm build in a mechanical mode with a 10 amp battery, I have to say I am impressed and can only imagine how huge the clouds would be if I were sub-ohming with a 30 amp battery. I'm also getting quite a bit of vapor with a single 1.5 ohm coil on a Vamo 2 at 7 watts. In addition, I'm getting a satisfying amount of apple and honeysuckle flavoring with both setups.

Vampire Vape - Black Ice

Vampire Vape's Black Ice is an e-liquid that you are either going to love or hate. Black Ice is a combination of aniseed and cool ice menthol.  It smells like a black jelly bean and tastes like a combination of Black Jack gum and mint. Black Jack Gum is an aniseed-flavored chewing gum that was created in 1869 and marketed well into the 1970's when interest in it faded.  It was later revived when Cadbury Adams started making a single batch once every few years.

Vampire Vape - Black Ice e-liquidVampire Vape's Black Ice has a strong licorice and menthol flavor that is mildly sweet. This unique flavor is made in the U.K. by Vampire Vape, a company based in Manchester. I received a bottle from Vape Club, an electronic cigarette store in the U.K. that carries premium e-liquids from around the world.

Black Ice is not as bold as I imagined it would be but is still pretty strong and very flavorful.  I would not suggest that Black Ice is, or can be, an all day vape as it's just not the type of flavor you want to vape for hours on end, but it is a great juice to rotate with other flavors.

I've never thought of licorice or aniseed flavoring as refreshing but combined with koolada it is. The licorice leaves a bit of an aftertaste and the ice provides a memorable throat hit. Like I said, this flavor is not for everyone but anyone who has ever chewed a stick of Black Jack Gum might want to give it a try.

Please note: Black Ice is a tank cracker. Make sure to use a pyrex tank with this potent e-liquid.