Rise Liquid Vapour - Banana

I spent the past week vaping a bottle of Rise Liquid Vapour's Banana flavor e-liquid while waiting for a new power adapter for my laptop to arrive. My new kitten chewed the power adapter cord and basically put me out of the writing business for a short while.  I had been planning on reviewing Rise Liquid Vapour's Banana flavor e-liquid at the time.  Rather than take notes and move on, I decided to just keep vaping and vaping Banana until it was all gone.

Rise Liquid Vapour's Banana flavor e-liquid is one of the better banana flavors I have tried.  This is a very natural tasting banana flavor rather than a candy banana flavor. Although not a subtle flavor, Rise's Banana e-liquid is not a bold flavor either.  Rise's Banana is strong enough to taste and produces a decent amount of vapor.

Taking a look at the product page on Rise Vapour's site, Banana is described as "Dripping with the mouth-watering flavor of luscious bananas." I never really thought of banana as a "mouth-watering" flavor before, but that's besides the point. The bottom line is that anyone looking for a decent natural banana flavor e-liquid should find that Rise Liquid Vapour's Banana flavor e-liquid is just that.

An Intimate Look at Vaping and Pregnancy

Being pregnant is considered to be one of the most joyous as well as scary time in a woman’s life. While the former is obvious, the latter can be quite puzzling. Why would a pregnant woman be scared? Well, for one, pregnant women tend to be more at risk when it comes to certain conditions. One such example would be smoking during pregnancy.

Smoking has always been considered as a threat to one’s health. It is considered to be the primary cause of lung cancer as well as coronary heart disease, stroke, and a number of vascular diseases. Because of the great impact it carries, it is something that most medical professionals recommend against, especially for pregnant women.

In pregnant women, smoking has been known to cause a number of medical problems with the unborn child. Some of these would include premature birth, respiratory problems, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and low birth weight. On the side of the mother, smoking during pregnancy can lead to stillbirth, miscarriage and tubal pregnancy.

Of course, habits can be quite hard to break. That being the case, those who cannot easily let go of their nicotine cravings could either go for a nicotine patch or try an electronic cigarette; but what about pregnant smokers? Are these options also safe for them?

Here Comes Electronic Cigarettes

For most people who are into smoking but would like to lessen their nicotine intake, technology now offers what is now known as vapes, or electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarette is actually a vaporizer that produces an aerosol. This aerosol is produced with the help of an atomizer that causes the liquid solution, or juice, to vaporize. The aerosol is what you see as smoke coming out of the electronic cigarette.

Now, there are very little literature that would suggest a relationship between using electronic cigarette and pregnancy. Those that exist seem to imply that nicotine, regardless if it is coming from a patch, a cigarette, or a vape, can be absorbed by the body, enough to reach the growing fetus. The difference lies in the amount absorbed. Of the three, smoking has the highest amount absorbed, followed by the patch, and then the electronic cigarette. Based on this hierarchy then, we could assume that, in the case of electronic cigarettes, there is already very little nicotine that gets absorbed by the body as well as by the baby, making it a bit safer so long as the mother does not engage in regular smoking. This, however, is still purely speculation and also calls to question what happens if the mother would indulge in regular smoking of an e-cigarette.

With the jury still out on whether electronic cigarette is bad for you, it comes as no surprise that more and more people who are trying to, at least, control the habit, are still going after the e-cigarette. Fortunately, you need not look very far if you want to buy one as there are more than a handful of online sellers of electronic cigarettes. Most of these online sellers have their own electronic cigarette merchant accounts and secure payment gateway allowing you to make a stress-free purchase.

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This entry was written by Blair Thomas who is an electronic payment expert who co-founded eMerchantBroker based out of Los Angeles.  Blair and his company have led the way in their Industry, helping simplify credit card processing for credit repair companies.

Mutant Sauce - Raphael

Who doesn't like a nice surprise? Last week I received a message from Tasha at the Violet Flame & Rockin' Vapors asking me to stop by and check out a new line of juice. After arriving at the Violet Flame, I was greeted with a sample of Mutant Sauce's Raphael which is a flavorful combination of strawberry and banana. All I can say is, it was good, very good. I proceeded to go down the line and try each and every flavor. I was really impressed by how bold and flavorful each of these locally made flavors are.

I went home with a bottle of Raphael and have had a really hard time putting it down.  It is not very often that I come across a juice that is this bold and flavorful. Although it was very good in a clearomizer on an eGo battery, it is extremely good in a dripper.

Raphael, as well as the other flavors in the Mutant Sauce line, is named after one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It is a very bold and flavorful banana strawberry e-juice.  It smells and tastes a lot like Gerber's banana flavor baby food with the addition of strawberry. Yes, if you still like Gerber baby food, this is the bomb!

Like I said, I have been stuck on this juice all week.  It is sweet, but not sugary sweet. It produces tons of delicious vapor and is not lacking in terms of flavor. As long as Mutant Sauce sticks to the recipe and leaves things as they are, I think this line is going to be a sure hit.

4 Corners e-Juice - Electric Relaxation

A name like "Electric Relaxation" is sure to get one's attention, or at least arouse one's curiosity a bit. 4 Corners e-juice is a line of e-liquid manufactured and sold by Vape Square. Electronic Relaxation is one of several flavors in this line.

Electronic Relaxation is a pleasant tasting guava flavored e-liquid.  There is nothing fancy here, just a straight forward guava flavor that is light, refreshing and natural.

Guava is a tropical fruit native to Mexico, Central America and South America. The fruit smells similar, but not quite the same, as a lemon. There are different varieties of guava.  Some produce fruit that is sweet while others produce fruit that is bitter or sour.

Electronic Relaxation is made with a guava flavoring that is sweet rather than sour or bitter. Although it is sweet, it is a natural type of sweetness rather than a sugary type of sweetness.  Electronic Relaxation produces plenty of vapor and is sure to please the palate of anyone looking for a light and refreshing summertime or tropical vape.

Although Electronic Relaxation is not a very bold flavor, there is enough flavor in each and every inhale to keep you going and going.  Electronic Relaxation can easily become an all day vape as it isn't something you will quickly tire of. In addition, its simply tasty and very refreshing.

Obsession Vapor - Fame

Obsession Vapor's Fame is a delicious blend of banana, strawberry, pineapple, and coconut cream flavorings. Like all of Obsession's e-liquids, Fame comes in a clear glass bottle with a dropper and was created by the makers of the ever popular Space Jam line of e-juice.

Upon opening a bottle of Fame, your senses are stimulated by the aroma of this sweet and fruity e-liquid. Obsession Vapor does not skimp on flavoring.  From the first draw to the last exhale, Fame pleases and delights the fruit lovers tastes buds.

Fame produces quite a bit of smooth and tasty vapor. There is no doubt that Fame is a premium e-liquid made from the finest ingredients. Although there are many tropical fruit blends on the market, I have to say, this is one of the best.  It may not be the best, but it is definitely up there with the best of them.

Thanks go out to Peerless Vapor in Port Richey, Fl for treating me to a bottle of this delicious e-liquid.  The owner of the store, Mark, is so impressed with the entire line of Obsession Vapor that he wanted to make sure this one received a review.