Rise - Banana Nut Bread

Having taken a time out in order to revive my taste buds, I seem to have accidently quit vaping - imagine that. It was not my intention to quit, but it seems to have happened. Well, I charged my MVP back up and cracked open a bottle of Rise Vapor's Banana Nut Bread e-juice. I have to say, Rise really nailed it with this one. True to its name, Banana Nut Bread tastes exactly like banana nut bread.

Banana Nut Bread is sweet, but not very sweet. It is more like a bread than a cake, as it should be. I suppose the best way to describe this liquid is as a tasty blend of bananas, nuts and bread. I never thought of "bread" as a flavor before but it seems to be. Or maybe it's a texture? A texture with flavor? In any case, it doesn't really matter. The point is this is an excellent dessert or bakery vape. It really goes good with a nice warm cup of coffee. I would not call it an all day vape however. It doesn't take long before the taste buds grow used to the flavor and it loses that initial "ahhh" sensation. Yes, this is the type of liquid that should be set aside and vaped as a special treat. In this way it will never let you down.

Rise's Banana Nut Bread does well on a dripper as well as in a tank. It produces decent clouds of vapor and tastes good. What more can you ask for?

Innevape - Shanghai Vintage Blend

It's been awhile since I've reviewed any juice as it was all starting to taste the same to me. I had to step back and give my taste buds a break. My dry spell has come to an end. I had an opportunity to try Innevape's Shanghai Vintage Blend and was very impressed.

Shanghai Vintage Blend is the second of five premium blends to be released as part of Innevape's Vintage Blend line. Vintage Blend e-liquids undergo a process in which they are aged in a wood-fired oak barrel in order to enhance the flavor.

The name "Shanghai" does not give one much in the way of clues as to what to expect in terms of flavor. Upon opening a bottle and giving it the sniff test, Shanghai smells like cola. It smells like a high quality cola, no doubt about that. This liquid is made for dripping. The first draw tastes like cola. Once it begins to heat up, the true flavor comes forth. Shanghai is a spicy blend of Chai Tea, Gingseng and Horchata in addition to the fizzy cola base. Of course, I am not sure if there is cola involved, as once you get going this liquid ceases to taste like cola and tastes more like a good Chai T. Think Starbucks.

Shanghai Vintage Blend comes in a 30 ml bottle in a protective pouch and classy looking box. The packaging is as classy as the liquid within. Shanghai is worth every penny of its $28 price as it is definitely a top shelf product and does not disappoint. If you have a taste for rich, exotic, spicy liquids and/or Chai T, you have to give this one a try.

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Miami Beach Trade Show

It's winter and its cold in most of the country. The good news is that Vapor Shows LLC will be holding their first trade show in Miami Beach January 21-22, 2015 at the Miami Beach Convention Center. If you need a good excuse to get away from the cold, this is it! If you have a vape business and want to take part there is still time to register as exhibitor registration is now open for manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, e-liquid manufacturers and others. For more detailed information click here.

Elven Forest Vapors - Dwarven Donuts

I'm a real sucker for good dessert vapes and have been looking forward to reviewing Elven Forest Vapor's Dwarven Donuts for some time now. Dwarven Donuts is not the kind of e-liquid you can vape all day as it is a very rich and flavorful Boston Cream donut flavor.  Words cannot explain how close to the real thing this rich and delicious e-juice tastes.

Elven Forest Vapor's product description reads, "There's nothing quite like a good Boston Creme donut! This e-juice takes the donut, Boston Cream custard, and chocolate glaze to a new level!"  They are not exaggerating when they make this claim.

Boston Cream donuts are one of my all time favorites. The sad thing is, they are not good for you. Donuts are one of the most unhealthy foods there is, so I was elated to discover an e-liquid that tastes exactly like a Boston Cream donut. No fat, no sugar, just flavor. Plenty of flavor.

Elven Forest vapor's Dwarven Donuts is a very bold flavor e-juice. There is no skimping on flavoring here. Like I said earlier, it is a very rich flavor so it is not something that you are likely to want to vape all day, but it does make a nice treat and goes good with morning coffee. If you like Boston Cream donuts, you have to try a bottle of Dwarven Donuts. It's that good.

E-Shish - Cherry Cola

Upon opening a bottle of EShish Cherry Cola the aroma of cherry flavoring is most apparent. It smells very much like cherry flavored cough drops. I've always liked cherry cough drops so this is a good thing in my book.  Upon inhaling this aromatic e-liquid, I find it also tastes very much like a cherry flavor cough drop minus the medicine taste.

Eshish Cherry Cola is a sweet liquid that tastes more like cherry candy than it does cola. This is not to say that the cola flavoring is lacking, just that the cherry flavoring is very bold and intense. This is a perfect flavor for anyone who enjoys cherry flavored candy with a bit of fizz.

Eshish Cherry Cola is an 80/20 PG/VG blend that delivers plenty of flavor and an adequate amount of vapor. I prefer bold flavorful liquids above all else and Eshish delivers just that. I'm a big fan of cherry cola and although the cola flavoring is more subtle than the sweet cherry flavoring in this particular e-liquid, there is just enough fizz to make it interesting. Overall, Eshish Cherry Cola is a winner.