Elven Forest Vapors - Dwarven Donuts

I'm a real sucker for good dessert vapes and have been looking forward to reviewing Elven Forest Vapor's Dwarven Donuts for some time now. Dwarven Donuts is not the kind of e-liquid you can vape all day as it is a very rich and flavorful Boston Cream donut flavor.  Words cannot explain how close to the real thing this rich and delicious e-juice tastes.

Elven Forest Vapor's product description reads, "There's nothing quite like a good Boston Creme donut! This e-juice takes the donut, Boston Cream custard, and chocolate glaze to a new level!"  They are not exaggerating when they make this claim.

Boston Cream donuts are one of my all time favorites. The sad thing is, they are not good for you. Donuts are one of the most unhealthy foods there is, so I was elated to discover an e-liquid that tastes exactly like a Boston Cream donut. No fat, no sugar, just flavor. Plenty of flavor.

Elven Forest vapor's Dwarven Donuts is a very bold flavor e-juice. There is no skimping on flavoring here. Like I said earlier, it is a very rich flavor so it is not something that you are likely to want to vape all day, but it does make a nice treat and goes good with morning coffee. If you like Boston Cream donuts, you have to try a bottle of Dwarven Donuts. It's that good.

E-Shish - Cherry Cola

Upon opening a bottle of EShish Cherry Cola the aroma of cherry flavoring is most apparent. It smells very much like cherry flavored cough drops. I've always liked cherry cough drops so this is a good thing in my book.  Upon inhaling this aromatic e-liquid, I find it also tastes very much like a cherry flavor cough drop minus the medicine taste.

Eshish Cherry Cola is a sweet liquid that tastes more like cherry candy than it does cola. This is not to say that the cola flavoring is lacking, just that the cherry flavoring is very bold and intense. This is a perfect flavor for anyone who enjoys cherry flavored candy with a bit of fizz.

Eshish Cherry Cola is an 80/20 PG/VG blend that delivers plenty of flavor and an adequate amount of vapor. I prefer bold flavorful liquids above all else and Eshish delivers just that. I'm a big fan of cherry cola and although the cola flavoring is more subtle than the sweet cherry flavoring in this particular e-liquid, there is just enough fizz to make it interesting. Overall, Eshish Cherry Cola is a winner.

Mutant Sauce - Shredder

I enjoy a nice surprise every now and then. This past weekend I had one in the form of a new e-liquid that made me go "wow!" The liquid I am referring to is Shredder, the newest addition to the Mutant Sauce line. Shredder produces some of the biggest clouds I have ever seen come out of a normal everyday device.

Shredder is a strawberry flavor in the same vein as Suicide Bunny but not quite as milky and creamy. It is very bold and flavorful nonetheless and produces cloud after cloud of sweet tasting vapor. I tried some in a clearomizer on an eGo Twist type battery at The Violet Flame this past weekend. I was surprised a how much vapor it produced. Afterwards I tried dripping some and all I can say is "wow!"  I didn't even have to inhale very deeply in order to exhale cloud after cloud after cloud of vapor. On top of that, it was full of flavor.

Like all of Mutant Sauce's liquids, Shredder is made for dripping.  It is an 80/20 VG/PG blend. Shredder tastes like Strawberry Quick. The product description reads: " Strawberry Milky - Remember when you were a kid and drank that milk with that rabbit on the label? Mutant Sauce remembers, and we did our damn best to recreate that nostalgia with this juice. We're very happy with the results."  And they should be as they nailed it as far as he flavor goes.

I brought a bottle home with me and have been vaping it ever since. This is good stuff and makes a fine all day vape. It's been three days now and I haven't touched another flavor. And I am enjoying blowing cloud after cloud after cloud. What more can a vaper ask for?

4 Corners E-Juice - Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry Lemonade by 4 Corners E-Juice is a very light and mild blend of lemon and strawberry flavorings. Although light, there is just enough flavoring in this juice to make it taste like one would expect from a nice strawberry lemonade flavor.  This liquid is sweet and slightly tart as a lemonade flavor should be.

4 Corners Strawberry Lemonade produces plenty of vapor. It seems to be formulated for vaping in a tank and not in a dripper. In a dripper there is plenty of vapor but not too much in the way of flavor. This is to be expected as this is a 50/50 PG/VG blend.

4 Corners E-Juice believes in pre-mixing and steeping their juice before selling it. This way it is ready to vape as soon as their customers open a newly purchased bottle. I let this particular bottle steep even longer. I'm not sure if it brought out any additional flavor or not as it still seems to be very light and mild, but does taste like strawberry lemonade.

Rise Liquid Vapour - Banana

I spent the past week vaping a bottle of Rise Liquid Vapour's Banana flavor e-liquid while waiting for a new power adapter for my laptop to arrive. My new kitten chewed the power adapter cord and basically put me out of the writing business for a short while.  I had been planning on reviewing Rise Liquid Vapour's Banana flavor e-liquid at the time.  Rather than take notes and move on, I decided to just keep vaping and vaping Banana until it was all gone.

Rise Liquid Vapour's Banana flavor e-liquid is one of the better banana flavors I have tried.  This is a very natural tasting banana flavor rather than a candy banana flavor. Although not a subtle flavor, Rise's Banana e-liquid is not a bold flavor either.  Rise's Banana is strong enough to taste and produces a decent amount of vapor.

Taking a look at the product page on Rise Vapour's site, Banana is described as "Dripping with the mouth-watering flavor of luscious bananas." I never really thought of banana as a "mouth-watering" flavor before, but that's besides the point. The bottom line is that anyone looking for a decent natural banana flavor e-liquid should find that Rise Liquid Vapour's Banana flavor e-liquid is just that.