The Vapor Company - Shark Juice - Chicken & Waffles

The Vapor Shop - Chicken & Waffles e-juice
Ok, I could not resist.  It was on sale for $1.99 a bottle.  I had nothing to lose. The Vapor Company's Shark's Chicken & Waffles smells exactly like chicken. I could smell chicken before I even opened the bottle. 

Ok, so it smells like chicken,  what does it taste like?  Believe it or not, it tastes exactly like chicken. I keep thinking of a baked chicken.  I'm not so sure it tastes like fried chicken.  I don't taste the crunchy stuff.  I keep tasting a juicy baked chicken.  

This is potent chicken flavored e-juice.  The waffle flavoring is lost on me.  I taste chicken, chicken and more chicken. It's not like waffles by themself are all that flavorful in the first place.  They usually need blueberries, butter, or maple syrup to make them interesting. I'm impressed. This a bold and flavorful chicken vape. I am not sure I want to vape it all day, or even every day, but it will do the job any time I have a chicken craving.


  1. LOL Sounds interesting (well.. kinda) Just thinking no matter how much I wanted to try this...... There's probably not a chance in he#$ I could make myself get past the whole... Chicken..... thing, to ever find out! =P Give ya MAD props.. A big thumbs up for even being willing (as well as able) to give this one a go!! ツ HAPPY CLUCK-CLUCK VAPING! ツ

  2. Enjoy it while you can,.They listed on facebook 4 locations in the same area, none of which ever had consistent hours and they no have removed their addresses. They ran 2 the same 2 sales back to back, even though they hadn't processed orders 6 weeks old. Definitely a scam fly by night and a convicted felon at that. Companies like this ruin vaping for everyone.

  3. I have no idea about their location(s), so can't comment on that. As for the two back to back sales, yes. It took six weeks to get my order. During that time, people were posting about the delay on Reditt. I noticed that people with order #'s way later than mine were saying they got their juice, while many of us who ordered earlier had not. Then I saw the announcement for the second sale on my FB timeline. I too did not think that was right when so many people were still waiting for their orders from the beginning of the first sale. I know nothing about the company or the owner. If he is a felon, hopefully this will turn his life around. In the end, all I know is that it still tastes like baked chicken :-)

  4. Got my order in finally yesterday. After over a month wait.
    I'm pretty sure they are all going to suck.
    I know steeping enhances flavor but they should at least smell decent fresh.
    Every bottle I ordered smells like shit..

    1. Hi Brent,

      Hopefully you will come back and tell us how they are. I have a few bottles laying around that I have yet to try myself. Let us know!

  5. I suggest anyone interested in purchasing from this company checks them out first. do a Google, and Facebook. You'll find many, many customers who have purchased goods, been waiting months, and still not recieved anything except empty promises.

  6. Interesting - I'm another one with an order that is "Awaiting Fulfillment" (I ordered on 30th Jan), if I ever receive my order, this flavour was in it.