Rise Liquid Vapor - Butterscotch Tobacco

Rise Liquid Vapor - Butterscotch TobaccoRise Liquid Vapor's Butterscotch Tobacco is a premium VG-based e-liquid that does not contain a lick of nicotine. That's right, Rise Liquid Vapor's entire line of e-juice is nicotine free.  If you need your nic, you can stop reading right now. If you vape zero nic, or your goal is to eventually vape zero nic, hang in here.

Butterscotch Tobacco was made for dripping. Like all of Rise Liquid Vapor's e-liquids, Butterscotch Tobacco was created to produce large clouds of tasty and aromatic vapor.  Upon inhaling, the butterscotch flavoring is immediately apparent.  The tobacco flavoring is much more subtle. The clouds are huge once you begin to exhale.

Rise Liquid Vapor's Butterscotch Tobacco is a nice flavor that is pleasant to vape. It's neither bold nor mild, but somewhere in-between.  The combination of warm creamy butterscotch blended with a subtle hint of tobacco makes for a delicious treat that can easily be vaped for hours on end, if not all day long.

Taking a look at the product description, it says, "Flavors of creamy butter and brown sugar tickle your tastebuds, reminiscent of Grandpa's pipe tobacco." Yes, Butterscotch Tobacco tastes more like pipe tobacco than a cigarette or cigar. That is part of its appeal. Even if you don't care for tobacco flavors, you may find that Butterscotch Tobacco is not all that bad.

If you are looking for a mild tobacco based e-liquid that is rich, creamy and delicious, this may be it. Butterscotch Tobacco goes good with coffee and simply tastes great.

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