Innevape - Watermelony

Another 5 star flavor from Innevape.  Watermelony e-liquid is a refreshing blend of watermelon, honey and passion fruit. If you close your eyes as you inhale, this juice will make you think you are biting into a big juicy slice of vine ripened watermelon soaked in passion fruit juice and honey.

Watermelony e-liquid has a natural watermelon flavor rather than the artificial watermelon flavoring used in the popular Jolly Roger candies. Add a touch of honey and passion fruit and you have one delicious and refreshing e-juice that you can vape all day long  if you like.

The addition of honey and passion fruit set Innevape's e-juice apart from many of the other watermelon juices on the market. Straight up watermelon e-juice often tastes either like Jolly Rogers candy or is rather bland. As with watermelon beverages, additional flavoring is needed to make watermelon based e-juice flavorful. Most companies add mint, menthol, or a fruit flavoring such as strawberry, lemon, or lime,  to their watermelon blends.

Innevape decided to use a combination of honey and passion fruit in Watermelony. This combination works well. Passion fruit by itself tends to be a little tart.  Combined with watermelon, it adds a tangy kick to the juice as well as a tropical flavor.  The addition of honey gives the liquid a rich, full bodied taste that is naturally sweet, but not too sweet, tart, and "watermelony".

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