Innevape - Beehave

Innevape Beehave e-liquid
“Whatcha’ vapin’?”

 "Nuttin’ Honey”.

 "A delightful honey flue cured tobacco that will keep you coming back for more. So good, it’s sinful."

Curing is a carefully controlled process in which tobacco leaves are gradually dried. There are four major methods of curing tobacco: air-curing, flue-curing, sun-curing and fire-curing. Air-cured tobacco leaves are hung up to dry in well ventilated barns for four to eight weeks. They are generally low in sugar content, giving the tobacco a smooth, light, semi-sweet flavor. They are usually high in nicotine content. Cigar and burley tobaccos are air-cured. Sun-cured tobacco comes from Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Macedonia. The tobacco is left uncovered in the sun and dried out naturally. This type of tobacco is low in sugar and nicotine. Sun-cured tobacco is used in cigarettes. Fire-cured tobacco is hung in barns where hardwood fires are kept smoldering between three days and ten weeks. This produces a tobacco that is low in sugar and high in nicotine. Pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco and snuff use fire-cured tobaccos. Flue-cured tobacco leaves were originally dried in barns that had flues (metal pipes) running from the barn to external fire boxes that heated the tobacco without exposing it to smoke. Today, oil and gas burners are used within the barn instead. The flu-curing process usually takes three to five days. Flu-cured tobacco usually has a high sugar content and medium to high levels of nicotine. Flu-cured tobacco is the most widely grown tobacco in the United States and is used to make cigarettes, pipe tobacco and chewing tobacco.

Innevape make all of their tobacco based e-juices with natural tobacco extracts rather than with artificial tobacco flavorings. Beehave is made with a honey flue-cured tobacco extract. It is a very deep, rich and complex blend of sweet, smokey and nutty flavors. The honey flavoring provides an element of natural sweetness, the nuttiness adds a savory earthy element to the mix, while the tobacco adds a smokey flavor. No one flavor overwhelms another, they seem to blend together in perfect harmony. Beehave is an excellent juice for vapers who appreciate fine flavored tobaccos. Sweet, mellow, smokey, nutty and very tasty. I get plenty of vapor from Beehave but not so much throat hit. That's ok though, flavor is what I am after and Beehave delivers.

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