Hurricane Vapor "Storm Juice" - Cuban Coffee

Cuban coffee is a Cuban-style espresso also known as Cafe Cubano. It is traditionally served in a small espresso cup and is very strong and very sweet.

Cuban Coffee is one of many flavor's marketed as "Storm Juice" by Hurricane Vapors.  I received a small bottle of this e-liquid in my December ZampleBox. This was the only e-juice in the box that was not a fruit based flavor and I was looking forward to trying it.

After letting the juice steep, I pulled it out of the cabinet and filled a tank. What I experienced was the familiar sensation of vaping an e-juice with little or no flavor. I was surprised as real Cuban Coffee is bold and full of flavor. I could not taste anything, but was happy with the huge amount of vapor the juice was producing.

I began to do some research.  The product description reads,  "This dark and rich vape recreates that small but potent dose of Cuban Coffee served in a thimble-sized cup; twice as strong as American coffee and super sweet, which you would usually sip or down like a shot. This is great for a morning starter vape, or even all day if you are a real espresso fan."

That was not my experience.  Looking at the product reviews I found it is rated as a five star e-liquid by quite a few people who claim it is bold and full of flavor. I turned to Spinfuel magazine and Vapor Taster and found nothing but praise for this e-juice. Ok, so what is wrong here?  I switched over to my menthol on steroids vape in order to shock my taste buds in case I was suffering from a bad case of vapor's tongue.  I drank some water, and ate some food.  Still the same.

I let it steep another week or two.  It still fell flat, so I loaded up a fresh tank and took it to see some vape connoisseurs in my neighborhood.  I did not tell anyone what it was, or give my opinion. They tasted coffee. Run of the mill coffee, nothing special. So, hmmm. It is tasty and sweet on my lips, but fails as a vape. Bad bottle?  I don't know.

Galleta Dulce
Mango Milkshake
Papaya Milkshake
Sunset Cavendish
Chocolate Frost Bite

Update:  I had an opportunity to sample a fresh bottle of Hurricane Vapor's Cuban Coffee.  What a difference!  It was a lot better and tasted like I would expect a good Cuban Coffee e-liquid to taste like. The crew from Hurricane Vapor told me that they have found out that it doesn't seem to hold up if you let it steep too long.  That in mind, if you decide to order any, get smaller amounts and vape it sooner rather than later.

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